Race/Ethnicity, Immigration & Social Stratification

Cort et al. 2014

cort 2012

Cort 2011

cort 2010

waldinger et al. 2007


This project collectively examines how various racial and ethnic groups in Los Angeles and across the nation differentially access scarce resources like safe neighborhoods and naturalization opportunities. Papers from this project tackle this issue from multiple angles, but have a unifying theme. Data used from this project come from the Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey (LA-FANS), the Current Population Survey (CPS), and the U.S. Census.



HIV Stigma Beliefs & Protective Sexual Behaviors in Southern Africa

Billings et al. 2019

cort & Tu 2018

This project has two goals. The first is to examine the relationship between the expression of HIV stigma beliefs and the practice of protective sexual behaviors such as using condoms or practicing sexual fidelity in Southern Africa. The second is to determine the extent to which stigma beliefs and protective sexual behaviors are collectively associated with country and regional-level HIV prevalence rates. The main data for this project will come from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS). While this project is now exclusively quantitative in nature, I may at some point incorporate a qualitative component, where I would seek to understand how Southern Africans’ lived meanings of stigma beliefs contribute to their private sexual behaviors.


Miscellaneous Work

avent-holt et al. 2019

cort & cort 2008

Cort & morrison 2014

creske et al. 2013

This project is not really a project. From time to time, I am involved in collaborative work that results from interactions with different scholars. These interactions sometimes yield published materials, sometimes they don’t. But I enjoy these collaborative ventures nonetheless.